hdmi female to dvi male 24+1 converter help??

My graphics card has a vga, dvi 24+5 , hdmi but my monitor only has a vga and a dvi 24+1 input. I want to connect these without using vga wire. So will a hdmi female to dvi male 24+1 converter work or do I still have to continue my gaming with the vga cable??? In india I don't think anyone sells dvi 24+5 to dvi 24+1 cable online.. so I have to go with the hdmi to dvi converter.
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  1. Hello... My experience with DVI is that a Nvidia Card will accept both DVI-I and DVI-D connectors... The Horizontal Ground tab is larger on DVI-I connector... Wikipedia DVI to verify the type you have... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface I have had no problem with getting DVI-I to HDMI, or HDMI to DVI-I adaptors to work with TV's and Monitors... and they can be found very inexpensive on EBAY, but you need to know which type you need, DVI-I or DVI-D... the Common Connector and Cable types are DVI-I... There are a few video cards out there that use DVI-D connectors, these are common to High END Work Station type video cards, and use a special break-out cable, for dual monitor use... What video card and monitor are you trying to hook up?
  2. My specs are -
    graphics card - powor color radeon hd 6670 (it has dvi-i dual link; vga; hdmi outputs)
    monitor - samsung syncmaster p2250 (vga; dvi-d dual link input)
  3. Hello... a DVI-D cable should work between your video card and your monitor... did your monitor come with one?
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