Need help with PSU and wattage.

How much wattage does a Q6700 and a GTX 650 (1gb) need at full load?

The rest of the system specs arent much, just 3 gigs of ram..160gb hard drive..and a CD thing.

The pc currently has a liteon 300w in it and is running fine idle and using the internet...but im a tad afraid to play a demanding game like crysis 2...because i dont want my pc to blow up.

I am having an Antec VP-450 put in soon...i dont know if 450W is enough or not....the CPU tends to go at 100% usage when playing demanding games.
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    Yes the Antec 450 is more than enough.You won't even come close to max with those specs.

    The CPU and card will pull 160 to 170 , the rest of your system not much at all.

    Good idea to get rid of the liteon PSU.
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