Acer monitor wont turn OFF, but no image displayed

ive had this monitor for a few months now and its been a great monitor. i shut my compute down last night and went to turn it on this morning and i got sound from my speakers, but no image on my display (which was working 5 hours prior). so i hit the power button and nothing happened. the light was still on and no display. i unplugged it for a good few minutes. same thing. light turned on right after i plugged it back up and i got no image. anyone have any suggestions?

with bf4 on the way, im in the market for a new monitor, but i was hoping to go to a dual/triple screen set up. if i have to buy a new monitor im going to make a good one. so on a side note, can someone recommend a good (cheap) 2560x1440 monitor? lol
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  1. Try to take out the RAM sticks and GPU. Then insert those thing again one by one especially RAM one stick at a time and try to start up the PC, see if you can get the display. Or try a different monitor.
  2. using a different monitor right now. its working fine. on the Acer monintor the displays power light is on, but the screen is off. pressing the power button has no effect, even when no device is connected to it. ive tried multiple different devices and nothing got any response. so i think its an internal issue rather than a PC issue
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    Yes its seems like the electronics inside the monitor gone bad. It happens sometime with bad capacitors. If you like to get your hands dirty then open up the monitor and look for exploding or bulge capacitors, usually this indicates bad caps. Or try to RMA it.
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