Will HD 5450 have any issues with 1080p?

So a while back I built a XBMC media center out of a slim PC to run on my 42'' 1920 * 1080p Sanyo tv. This thing has onboard graphics (Intel HD Graphics 2000, Sandy Bridge GT1, 850 Mhz processor, 532 Mhz Memory) and for the most part it runs all my 720p and under video's just fine. However when I load a 1080p movie, the picture becomes pixilated and unwatchable. I'm looking for the cheapest, low profile video card that will run 1080p without any hicups.

Here's the card I'm looking at:

My question is, will this thing run 1080p ok? I'm know I could get something better for a little more money, and if that's what I have to do then so be it, but I'm really just looking for the cheapest solution I can get. I will never play any games on this, and it's purpose is solely to run HD movies on a 42''.
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  1. yes, it would. If it does not run in 1920 x 1080, there are some hidden settings to make it work
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  3. U would need to donwload AMD catalyst software if it does not run 1080p on 1920 x 1080
  4. I had a 5450 in my HTPC and although worked well, could tell it was running out of steam for 1080 BR rips in MKV's, replaced it with 7750 GDDR5 and now all is well again and it hardly breaks a sweat.
  5. If the most intensive thing you are going to do is watch videos, then you will have no issues with the Radeon HD 5450.
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