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Hello , one day my pc when I had my vga plugged with monitor and with drivers installed and after 10-30 seconds of use (counting after "Welcome" message) pops up a black or light blue and one time white screen.After that I went safe mode , disabled my vga from control panel>System and Security>System>Device Manager and restarted.This time it was all ok except that I had a bit lower graphics and not the same resolutions available**.It works fine this way but with no drivers installed.I dont know what is going on.My vga died? DVI cable is connected to vga atm but when pc installs drivers and restart Graphics are back to good but screen pops up and goes from the begin.
System: Windows 7
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
HIS Radeon 6870
Corsair TX 650W

**I tried to install DCUO and it said "Your graphics card is not capable enough..
Keyboard and mouse are dead too while in black screen.Mobo's leds and fans work
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  1. we gone do 2 test one with the gpu in another system and the other use your driver maker test tool for the hdd driver could be loading in a bad sector of the drive .
  2. atm I am not able to test gpu in another system but I ll try the diagnostic tool for my hdd and I will inform you.
  3. ok be around .
  4. it passed the test. no probs showed
  5. your motherboard have 4 pci-e graphic slot so try the gpu in all the other and if nothing work bring gpu to a friend or a shop to test her .
  6. ok I ll try it
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