Wireless Connection dropping out constantly

My wireless connection keeps dropping in and out for short periods of time. Short enough so it never says I am disconnected from the wireless network, but pages will stall or need to be reloaded time to time.

The biggest issue is with downloads; most files I attempt to download are never completely downloaded. They will drop down to 0 kb/s, and then never come back up. If I use a shared connection from my laptop, things work just fine.

I have a Ralink RT5390R 802.11bgn adapter.

EDIT: Actually with my shared connection with my laptop, it looks like things drop down close to 0 kb/s as well, but it is able to recover and keep downloading when this happens.

Also, we have a Wi-Fi extender upstairs. When I use INSSIDER, it shows our network twice on the same channel. Could this be the issue? Maybe it is connecting back and forth between the two?
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  1. Have you tried with an Ethernet cable? This will determine if your dropouts are because of your Wireless LAN, or not.

    If after the test it is only the Wireless LAN that is affected, then try updating the firmware on your routers/extender and the driver on your adapter and see if that makes a difference.

    Wireless extenders can be very flaky, and should only be used as an absolute last resort. They need to be installed strategically. It would be best if you can only see the original router OR the Wireless extender from within Inssider, so you can move the Extender about and test that also
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