How future proof is the i5 3570 over the i3 3225?

I'm making a pc and can't decide over which cpu to get the i3 3225 or the i5 3570.
I'll be using the pc for web browsing, film watching and all the regular stuff, along with some gaming.
For the games, they would be GTA 5 when it comes out, Rome 2, GTA 4, Sim City, battlefront, Team Fortress, and maybe some racing games like Dirt.
I have found that a lot of people have said that the i3 is enough for current games, but if you have the money go for the i5. They also say that games in the future will start to use more cores as they currently only use 2 (occasionally 3).

So my question is how long will the i3 last me before i'm forced to upgrade to keep up with the requirements for new games?
Also how well will the i3 run the games mentioned above?
Also.. will the i3 bottleneck say a GTX 660 or even a GTX 760?

I'm asking as I have a strict budget and would prefer to spend the money saved on a better graphics card.

Thanks all replies are greatly appreciated!

ps. Games would preferably be at top settings on 1080p
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  1. Why don't you just give us a budget and let us pick out a build for you? Personally, I think multithreading is going to be more common in games with the new consoles coming out so you would want the i5.
  2. The i5 is the better CPU, but nothing at this point is futureproof, DDR4 is due soone and all mobos will begin migrating to it
  3. My rule of thumb for a balanced gamer is to budget twice your cpu cost for the graphics card.
    The 5 at the end of the 3225 is for a stronger integrated graphics component that you don't need.
    a 3220 should be cheaper. Similarly, a i5-3550P lacks a integrated display adapter.
    I would look at the similarly priced haswell chips. they are somewhat faster per clock.
    I might look at a i3-4130 haswell cpu for a dual core option. A GTX660ti or 7870 would be an appropriate graphics card.
    Pick a i5-4430 for a quad core option. A GTX770 class card would be appropriate.
  4. Sorry i probably should have included that my budget is about £400 and i'm using an existing hard drive. The reason i have chosen these specific cpu's with the integrated graphics is that i don't have the money for the graphics card at the moment. Also all the parts i have chosen are recommended on tonymac86 for a hackintosh (dual boot with windows 7 or 8)
    processor £100 - £160
    Gigabyte GA B75M D3P £57
    I already have a hdd
    fractal design core 1000 £35
    corsair cx 430 £38
    8 GB PNY DDR3 Ram £38
    And a hannspree 1080p 21.5" monitor £89
    + other peripherals £20

    My strict budget is the only reason i'm considering the i3
    so is it worth getting? or should i wait another month and get an i5?
    Note that i'm sick of this laptop and desperately need a desktop for college work.
  5. 400 pounds is what...around $600?

    I'd consider an FX6300 in a good 970 sereis AM3+ board as an option. It will get you close to i5 performance in 4-6 core games and still decent in 1-2 core games. It will also save you a substantial chunk of your budget.

    If you're not open to that idea and want to stick strictly with intel then yes, I would wait and get the i5. Both the FX6300 and i5 will perform much better than the i3, especially in current and up-coming releases that use more and more cores.
  6. FX 6300 and bump your PSU a bit. XFX 550w is a decent one for the money.
  7. With your updated info, I might suggest:
    1. The i3-4130 will have better integrated graphics than any ivy bridge option. It is a dual core with hyperthreading giving 4 threads.
    In the future, it should be an easy sell if you want a much stronger quad to replace it. I have been able to play civ4 decently on a similar cpu using integrated graphics.
    2. A B85 motherboard will give you more capability than B75. It should be no more expensive.
    3. The Corsair 430 is a decent psu, but it is not strong enough to power a future graphics card stronger than a GTX660 or 7770.
    I would look for something in the 500-600w range.
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    JackST said:

    My strict budget is the only reason i'm considering the i3
    so is it worth getting? or should i wait another month and get an i5?
    Note that i'm sick of this laptop and desperately need a desktop for college work.

    I would wait a month to buy an i5 CPU. An extra month of "pain" will be worth the performance difference between the core i3 can core i5 for many years. The vast majority of games will still use only 2 core over the course of the next few / several years. However, that is a very general statement and does not strictly focus on the games you want to play.

    Of the games you listed GTA 4 and most likely GTA 5 will benefit from a quad core CPU. GTA 4 is a terrible port of a console and that may apply to GTA 5 as well. While GTA 4 doesn't use 4 cores, it definitely seems to run better on a quad core rather than a dual core CPU. Likely because it was a crap port. SimCity definitely does benefit from a quad core CPU. As you can see in the performance chart below the difference between the Core i3-3220 and the Core i5-3470, the Core i5's performance is 50% higher.

    Rome 2 I believe only uses 2 cores. Dirt 3 I know only uses 2 cores. Team Fortress is an old game not sure if it uses 1 or 2 cores. If games like Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 are on your potential list, then a quad core CPU will come in handy. If BF 4 is similar to BF 3, then it will only need a quad core CPU for multiplayer.
  9. hafijur said:
    Gta 4 works fine on any ivy bridge i5 at 2.5ghz+

    That's not the point. The point is GTA 4 is a bad port which means that when it was 1st released the system requirements was unusually high for the PC given it's performance in consoles. GTA 4 is easier to run today because hardware has improved over the years. GTA 4 for the PC was initially released back in December 2008.
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