Advice on fan and radiator set-up for better airflow (first build)

Just finished building my first custom rig, I was looking for a little advice on the proper fan setup for the best airflow and efficiency.
I have 2 140mm and 1 200mm for intakes in the bottom front then 1 140mm and a 280mm kraken mounted to the top for exhaust.
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  1. You have a decision to make.
    Do you value cpu cooling over graphics cooling.
    The most efficient cpu cooling draws in fresh air into the radiator which helps cpu cooling. But... that just dumps heat into the case where it heats up your motherboard and graphics cards.

    If you set up so that the radiator draws air in from the case, case cooling is much better, but the cpu cooling has to work with hotter air.

    My take is to use the latter option.
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    That config will be fine, but adding another side vent/fan for your GPU is a good idea.

    Some things to remember:

    - You want a good seal between the Kraken fans and the radiator. Make sure the rubber gasket is installed and sealed right. This will help reduce air leaks and keep the statuc pressure/vaccuum up.
    - Kraken fans will vary in speed. You'll likely have positive case pressure at idle/low loads and neutral-to-negative under full loads.
    - Pull config on a radiator (what you are currently using) makes cleaning dust from the radiator intake surface much easier.
    - VRU and chipset cooling may be an issue with radiators. Most CPU air coolers move enough internal air over the chipset and VRU heatsinks to keepo them cool. Without a fan they are more prone to overheating. Look into something like another side case fan or an Antec Spot Cool to blow onto them.
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