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Hi guys this has been killing me... i have a new USB wireless adapter (TP-Link wn821n) and for a hour or so everything was just dandy. However after an hour it would only connect with limited connectivity, and has stayed like that. i have tried a lot the fixes people have claimed online but to no avail. it has 98% signal strength and there is nothing wrong with my USB ports. the internet works for the three other wireless computers in the house and even works on mine - when i use a different adapter. (i cannot use this as a replacement as it is my brothers) buying a new adapter is not really an option, and silly anyway as this one is brand new and there HAS to be a fix. i send packets but dont receive any. i do have the most up to date drivers and have tried reinstalling. please help! i run windows 7, im not a computer wiz but im not a total noob either :)
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  1. check if you have the latest dowload for your adapter and if nothing work ask for rma on defect .
  2. definitely got the most up to date software. threw away the receipt the second i bought it...i know.
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