files located in recycling bin recover from external drive?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the confusing title, Its hard to explain with little space.

Here is my issue in detail.

I have an old laptop that the motherboard died so I got a new laptop and took my old hard drive out of my old computer I have it hooked up to my new laptop VIA SATA to USB so it looks like an external drive. I'm able to see all files documents downloads music etc under my user profile.... however I had things in my recycling bin that I must retrieve and I dont know if its possible to retrieve it VIA the way its connected as an external drive. the only way I can think of is being able to boot into the OS and retrieve from there.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be a HUGE help. Thanks
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    try this use the free one the way your set up .
  2. You have stuff in the recycle bin you need to retrieve? Thats sort of an odd place for file storage isn't it? Sorry, just had to ask.
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