Refurb laptop randomly shutting off, 48c at idle, 80+c at full load - should I return?

I bought a refurbished laptop back in July (Asus Q400A) and I have been quite happy with it except for one thing: it randomly shuts itself off. At first, I thought it was because the Windows key was invalid/blocked but I bought a new key and it still randomly shut off. I also thought it was a corrupted system file so I reinstalled Windows 8 and it has happened twice since then.

I thought it might be an overheating issue so I downloaded Core Temp and Heavyload. I ran Core Temp for awhile to see what my idle temps were like. They were around 45-48 degrees Celsius. Then, I ran Heavyload for 10 minutes and temperatures got above 80 degrees Celsius. In particular, Core 0 got to 82c, Core 1 got to 86c, Core 2 got to 84c, and Core 3 got to 84c.

For reference, my apartment is 23 degrees Celsius and my laptop is sitting on a laptop cart with the exhaust unblocked.

Does any of this indicate a problem that would warrant a return? I only have 6 days left on my warranty period (90 days) so I really want to figure out whether I should return ASAP.
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  1. rma if you could .
  2. scout_03 said:
    rma if you could .

    I can, via Newegg where I bought the laptop. Do you think that's my best option or should I go straight through Asus (it has a 90 day Asus warranty)?
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    go with the best choice the maker .
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