Need advice on PSU, MB, Ram and GPU.

As i have been in to building my own gaming rigs for a while, I know that the PSU needs to be a very reliable piece. Well In my sig you can see mine is in the low end of crap PSU's.

Are the seasonic X series PSU's good? I know Seasonic is an excellent PSU maker. What I was looking at was the Seasonic X-850. Link.

Next my sons motherboard is bad and needs a replacement. He will get mine from this machine. So I need one for me. I have been looking at the Asus 990FX Sabertooth Board.

My question is for those that may have it or worked with it, How is it for voltage regulation and OCing. I know it is in there TUFF series but some advice here will be nice.

Ram question. I will be reusing my CPU for now that has a memory controller that is native 1333MHz OC-able to 1600MHz. Can I future proof and get a set of 2133 Mhz and down clock it to work with the Phenom II 965?

GPU questions (i have a couple)
1. when is amd planing on releaseing the New GPU line up?

2. will it be worth getting the 7970 at this point and just waiting and seeing the performance from the new ones?
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  1. 1. Seasonic X series is one of the best PSUs available. Highly recommended.
    2. Cant speak for the AMD side, but I'm running a Z87 Sabertooth and loving it! OC's well.
    3. I would wait a couple of weeks to see the benchmarks and price for the new AMD cards. If you cant wait, the 7970 is an absolute steal right now. You can find them well under $300.
  2. Thanks for the response. You helped a lot. I will be getting those 2 Components Now I just need a response on my ram question. I would like to order tonight If i can get all my questions answered. Thank you again socialassassin.
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    A Sabertooth Motherboard would overclock with no problem, coupled with the thermal management software, you should have a easy time monitoring temps while ocing. It is TUF Series so it is better than the main channel asus boards but not as good as the ROG lineup. i personally own the Z77 Sabertooth and it has not let me down. i would go for the Sabertooth 990FX Gen 3.0 for the PCIE 3.0.
    The power supply unit you chose is a bit overkill in my opinion. It is 80+ gold so it has very good efficiency. I personally would go for a 760watt to save a bit of money. But a bit of head room for ocing and new GPUs won't hurt. X series are very good.
    For the Ram, there is no point having a set of 2133 Mhz DDR3 since DDR4 is right around the corner so it won't be that future proof and ram just decreases in price overtime so there is no point buying early. And the motherboard you chose only supports Ram speeds up to 1866 Mhz. So don't buy ram that has a clock rate of higher than 1866Mhz. You could go for the Crosshair V Formula for higher supported ram speeds but you will have to change your CPU first.
    AMD will release their new R7 and R9 series on October 15th and always wait for the new GPUs to come out and see how well it does. It is 13 days away from being released.
  4. Thanks System Analysis Program for your response. I will wait on the GPU for the benchmarks if its only 2 weeks or so away. I totally forgot that the sabertooth had a PCI-e 3 out. Thanks for the reminder, I will definitely look into that. I also asked myself if the 850W was going to be overkill, then it dawned on me I do want to do SLI/Crossfire in the future and since the power requirements are still unknown for the new gen GPU's and the Phenom II 965's were never power friendly. My thought was better safe than sorry in this case. I do have an extreme amount of add on's that also connect to the PSU. I am high balling it though. In the future I do want to swap the CPU for an FX version ,the money isn't there right now for it, this is why I thought of going so high on ram speed. You do have an excellent point on the DDR4 though, so I will go for a good set of the 1866 and down clock for now till the CPU swap.

    I wish i could give Both of you the best answer But alas can only do one. So here is why I chose what I did for the best answer: System Analysis Program was able to answer all my questions. This is why he received the best answer although socialassassin did help a lot with his answers. Thank you both for your time, Knowledge and opinions.
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