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I'm helping out a friend who's HP Pavilion Elite MB just died. I got him a Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3 Rev 3.1 MB as a replacement. We are just reusing all the old components he had in is original machine:

His case is cramped so he wants to upgrade to a Fractal Design Acr Mini mATX case. This case has 3 fans and I'm not sure if the power that they draw is that significant. I believe the system would be fine as is.

But now he also wants to upgrade his video card to either a Radeon 6570 or 6670. Both of which have a minimum PSU repuirement of 400W. I did the PSU calculator and they come up with 390W recommendation for the 6670 and 361W for the 6570 card. Do you think we would be pushing it by staying with a 400W PSU with either of these two cards? He's mostly going to be using it for HTPC type duty; maybe occasional gaming. We're just getting close to his budget. Should we stick with the 400W PSU or go for higher wattage?

FYI. The 400W Inland is a brand new PSU I've had in the box for about a year and I just gave it to him. Normally, I would just go all out and get a 700W PSU and be done with it.

Also, I'm just curious because his old system only had a 300W PSU in it and the PSU calculator showed it should have been minimum 310 Watt capacity from brand new.
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  1. If the PSU is not reliable, then I would not go with it. The 6670 does not use that much power though. I'm one to run a more reliable power supply for upgradability and reliability, as well as peace of mind.
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