Should I upgrade my RAM?

Ok, So my PC is running an AMD Phenom II 6 core with 16gb ddr2 ram clocked at 800mhz.
I am able to play Far Cry 3 on max settings just fine.
A little while ago I purhased a computer with an i7 3770k and 16gb DDR3 memory. I was not pleased. I went back to my old PC and let that one collect dust.
I have always had the thought that I should upgrade to DDR3 in the back of my head, but I never really cared enough until now. Lately I have been looking at AMD DDR3 Motherboard and been thinking about upgrading. I have heard that there is no noticible speed diffrence between DDR3 and DDR2. My system is great now, but should I really upgrade to DDR3? Like I said, I haven't run into a game that I can't run at 60+ FPS on max settings.
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  1. The difference will be like maybe 2 or 3, possibly 5 to 7 frames if it is really fast (low latency) memory. It will be up to you to decide if making the change is worth it.
  2. What you can do is sell your DDR2. DDR2 sells for crazy money now and days since it isn't produced as much. Look at this it's $420!!! You can buy 16 GB of DDR3 for at least $100.
  3. The I7 3770k is a lot more powerful than the Phenom. I think your problem is your graphics card. You are connecting FPS in games with CPU and RAM, but the thing is that your graphics card plays the major role here. Sounds like you were running the I7 with the integrated GPU on the CPU itself. Also DDR3 offers a major improvement over DDR2. The improvement does not necessary show in a big FPS gain. The major improvement is load times, responsiveness, etc.
  4. The post above is right about the i7 you had, it is faster than your amd rig by a good margin. All things being equal, something had to be severely, and I do mean severely amiss to want the amd build back.
  5. What video cards do the Intel and AMD machines use?
  6. Shneiky said:
    What video cards do the Intel and AMD machines use?

    I tested both of them with the 7950. FPS was still lower on the i7. My problem isn't with the CPU. The CPU is fine for streaming games on high etc. The reason I'm also considering upgrading too ddr3 is because I want to buy an AMD FX soon. If somone knows of a ddr2 compatible fx board, I would grab it instantly. The phenom is overclocked. 6 core of 4.1 ghz fury. I also have an issue with the 3770k. Intel is very protective about overclocking their CPUs. I've heard about some wacky things with OCing intel CPUs. I do want to overclock, so I'll stick with AMD on that matter. But can anybody answer my question about the ddr2 FX?
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