Which motherboard (Guru help needed, please)

Dear Sirs,

I have just come off the telephone from the United States AsRock sales team (whom, which I have to say were very unhelpful and impolite - which is a first for me when speaking to America's)

Anyhow I advised them I was using a 775i65G R3.0 motherboard (micro motherboard, as this is the only size to fit my PC case), which I have got to send back to Germany due to an unknown fault that will not power my PC, although the PSU is fully working, nothing has changed or been placed into the PC for the fault to occur one day it was fine then, yesterday nothing

Quick specs:

1x Weston Digital 1TB sata drive,
1x HIS Radion HD 4670 AGP 1GB DDR3
1x Intel 775 2Quad Q6700 2.66Mhz
1x Powercool 850 Watt 80+ PSU
2x 1GB DDR 400 RAM
1x PCI 5 USB Ports
1x Creative Labs Sound Blaster (unused)

I have plenty of in and out fans to keep the PC running at around 42'ish Degrees Celsius

The USA sales team gave me two from the below link 'G41MH/USB3 R2.0' and/or 'G41M-S', as they said the on-board motherboard graphics chip was far superior to the 'HIS Radion HD 4670 AGP 1GB DDR3'.

Now from this link: http://www.asrock.com/mb/index.asp?s=775.

Please can someone tell me a definite answer if the above advice given by the USA sales team is true or not (and why, as I consider the AGP v's On-board graphics to be a bit untrue, but I may be wrong). Also, if something is better in the 775 micro size range then they suggested, if so which model to go for.

Once I have receive someones help, I can then send the faulty 4 month old motherboard back to Germany and either to request an exchange (with a possible slight increase in price difference) or simply a replacement?

Many thanks in advance for reading and replying, Jonathan
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  1. From what i can tell the 'HIS Radion HD 4670 AGP 1GB DDR3 is better in all aspects.
  2. Dear Outlaw1198,

    Thanks for the reply,

    But if there is not going to be little difference using the On-board graphics on the proposed micro mobo's and that the mobo is more advanced as it is a PCI-E slot, which is in todays market, then I can sell the HIS HD4670 on e-bay or something.

    I do not use the PC for gaming the PS3 is for that, as long as it's going to be great for windows 7 aero display and Adobe Photoshop's 3D facility.

    Then...... I'll change BUT I do need the pro's and con's from a guru member and the new mobo model number to go for when sending it back, no offence btw.

    Kind regards, Jonathan
  3. Well my advice is just use the onboard graphics as it wold be fine for just doing adobe photoshop 3d work and don't worry no taken
  4. Dear Outlaw1198,

    Thanks for the reply again,

    But which micro mobo, do I go for out of the link provided? I don't mind about paying the extra as long as it is the best pick of the 775 mobo's.

    Kind regards, Jonathan
  5. Dear Motherboard Guru's.

    Please can you advice the top three 775 socket motherboards from AsRock I should get, please provide the model numbers also, so I can track them down.

    Any other motherboard experts to add wish to add???

    Kind regards, Jonathan
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