Which one is better for gaming? Fx 8350 / Fx 6300

Hi, so im in a budget and cant really say how much right now but if im only going to do gaming which of these cpus would be the best for next gen gaming? I dont plan on doing photoshop/editing or any really heavy stuff.. just gaming. Any answers are highly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. with any game that runs more than 6 threads (none), the 8320 would be better, since they both have enough threads, and are at the same clock speed, they would be the same, i would say the 6300 because it has more potential for overclocking with the lower power consumption/cooler temps.
  2. If you're on a budget and will not be doing heavily threaded applications (i.e. photoshop, video editing, music, etc.), then definitely save some money and stick with the 6300. You can overclock that cpu pretty well.
  3. either are great so get what you can afford but if you really want to say to yourself i have a eight core get the 8320 its so you dont regret your money spent but 6300 should game the same and you can overclcok it more maybe ?
  4. And which would be better Fx 8320 with gtx 760 or Fx 6300 with R9 280x / 7970 for 1080p gaming and for how long am I future proofing my system?
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    For gaming alone would go with the 6300/7970 however if you do other task like video editing etc.

    What about meeting in the middle with x 8320/7950.

    Right now a 7950 is cheaper and is as fast if not a little faster than the 760 with 1 extra Gig video ram.
  6. if you're using a discrete graphics card you should think about an intel cpu. AMD has much better integrated graphics for gaming than intel but for actual processing power intel is better.
  7. The 8350 will better future proof your system. Battlefield 4 is planning on using 8 cores and I bet other games are not far behind. It may be a little extra, but it will be worth it in the long run.
  8. 6300
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