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What is SLI GTX 560Ti 448 Equivalent to

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
October 2, 2013 2:17:55 PM

Hey everyone,

So I am taxing my single GTX 560Ti 448 in games and was wondering if I should SLI with a second card that I can get for $169.99 or do I purchase a single card, like the GTX 770 for like $400.00?

I'm also down for AMD cards as well, I'm just curious if I should spend $169.99 on SLI or $400.00 or so on a new card? I couldn't really find any benchmarks that show what a SLI GTX 560Ti 448 setup would compare to. So...what does SLI GTX 560Ti 448's compare to assuming I can overclock them to 850Mhz?

Also assume that I have enough power supply to handle two cards.

Thanks for the help,

October 2, 2013 2:41:23 PM

sli 448's are going to be slightly faster than a 680/770/7970ghz, "IF" you don't run into a vram issue. in synthetics the two are going to be very close to 780 levels, but perceived gaming will not nearly be as good as a 780 and still probably slightly less than 680/770/7970ghz, especially in brand new games which use much more than 1.25gb vram at 1080p.

If you can wait just get the 770ti/780 or r9-290/r9-290x when they come out.