Looking to upgrade Memory? what's the best choice?

I currently have 3x2GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600(btw what does pc3 mean?) and is clocked at 666.7MHZ. I'm looking to get to 8GB. Would it be that big of a difference between adding 1 stick of what i'm currently using,or getting 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHZ?
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  1. What is your system?
    PC =DDR
    PC2 =DDR2
    PC3 =DDR3
  2. Mine is 64 bit
  3. I really mean motherboard, some are dual channel others triple even quad.
    Currently you have a triple channel kit intended for use with lga 1366 motherboard, hence the question.
  4. MB_Manufacturer: Alienware
    MB_Product: 04VWF2

    This is my current motherboard
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    As I suspected it is a X58 chipset lga 1366 board with your 3 ram modules running in triple channel. If you are planning an upgrade then I suggest 3x4GB sticks for 12GB keeping it in triple. Depending on what you use it fore 6GB is enough though.
  6. How were you able to determine what chipset it had? and are there different types of channel? you said mine is triple channel. Is there double and/or quad channel?
  7. Goggled the board and get all the info I need along with that it is an MSI OEM for Alienware. LGA 1366 is the former top of the line Intel with triple channel memory support, it also supports dual channel and single channel. Most other boards only support up to dual channel with the exception of LGA2011, the current Intel top, that supports up to quad channel ram.
  8. Thanks so much, that helped out a lot. i'm in a systems Architecture class and im trying to learn more outside of the class room.
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