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System hangs after ram upgrade

Last response: in Systems
October 2, 2013 3:57:47 PM

I got quite an old system, a HP Pavillion 7855. I decided to upgrade the ram, so I went to memorystock, found my computer, and made sure the ram I was purchasing was the correct type. I bought two 256 sticks to max out my capacity of 512mb. (Prior to me buying two new sticks, I had one 256mb 133MHz stick and one 128mb 100MHz stick. But when I insert the new sticks I get an error "extended ram failed offset 1b". I searched around and did the following tests:

- Tried one stick at a time, boots up nicely both times.
- I tried each new stick with the old 128mb stick and boots up fine.
- Tried each new stick with the old 256mb stick and DOESN'T boot.
- Tried to boot without mouse or keyboard connected, nothing.

When I try to boot with 512mb of memory installed I either get a "extended ram failed offset 1b" or it goes through and tries to start windows but hangs after loading the "mup.sys".

Both sticks are not faulty but the computer will simply not boot up with 512mb of ram installed. What is the issue here?

- Windows 2000 Professional, just after a fresh install.
- Intel Pentium (R) III 1 GHz Processor
- HP P3930A motherboard.

Best solution

a b α HP
October 2, 2013 4:03:45 PM
does your system have the 3.07 bios installed to rule out a bios bug??
let it scan your system see if you got the right ram. some ram wont work in all systems.