Seeking advice to replace current socket AM3+ CPU

Dear forumers,

My build is currently AMD Phenom II X4 945, 16 Gb RAM and Radeon 7950. I use this PC mainly for surfing the internet, modest gaming and basic Office usage. (I'm a heavy browser, typically I have 200+ tabs at any given time).

I'd like to upgrade my CPU, but the problem is my mobo only supports 95 W. I currently have M5A78L-MLE (socket AM3+). I do not seek to change the mobo (too much hassle and I do like the small mobo), and as such I am only limited to 95 W CPUs.

So the question is, what sort of CPU would you recommend? I am looking at AMD FX-8300. When it comes to PC, I am the sort of a cheap person that would try to make the most of it. My last PC was an Acer 4720 G that I used until the end of last year (still functioning btw).

The thing is, I don't know how long Phenom II will be relevant before it becomes completely obsolete and outdated. I intend to keep using this PC for at least 5 years (with minimal or no upgrading). And within that 5 years, I am expecting my PC to at least be able to play the latest game and to withstand my browsing habits without being too slow (it doesn't have to run on the highest setting)...which led me to purchasing the extra RAM.

Also. I'd like to keep power consumption and temperature modest (reason why I chose Radeon 7950 over 7970).

I am quite convinced that the 8 core FX-8300 would be able to hold its own for quite some time.
In the future I might want to do some Matlab programming and some engineering design. I am not aiming for future-proof. All I want is decent value for my PC. (next time I build a new PC I won't feel so bad, but of course after I squeeze every cent out of my current build)

Besides, a lot of energy is used in making (small) semiconductor devices (not to mention the waste generated). It's really unsustainable to upgrade so often. Really appreciate your advice and thanks for your input.
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  1. Or the FX6300 anything less not worth it.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Or the FX6300 anything less not worth it.

    How long do you reckon fx-6300 will stay relevant?
  3. oliver max said:
    rolli59 said:
    Or the FX6300 anything less not worth it.

    How long do you reckon fx-6300 will stay relevant?

    Quite some time and it does have faster clocks than the 8300 which makes it faster unless the 8300 is can work all the cores.
  4. that's it? any further advice?
  5. Does anyone know what other better CPUs for socket AM3+? Also, how long will this socket stay relevant? And whether AMD will release future CPUs that utilizes this socket? Really appreciate the info thank you.
  6. Here is the problem with AMD it is all rumors, next series of FX scheduled, steamroller, supposedly will use AM3+ socket the rumor is though that it might never appear and the last CPU's for the socket were FX9xxx CPU's with tdp of 220watts. There is no reliable info on where they are going, some say it is all going to be APU's now others are expecting the next gen FX.
    Your motherboard is limited by the 95watt tdp, FX8300 eight core OEM (not in retail) is the only 8 core that fits the description, FX6450 6 core but 125watt tdp so that is out and the FX6300 is in since it has 95 watt tdp. FX43xx is a 4 core chip and OK for budget builds. I would recommend against first generation Bulldoser chips that FX x1xx because the second gen FX x3xx fixed some of their issue's
  7. oliver max said:
    that's it? any further advice?

    The FX 6300 should be relevant for some time, and it will overclock like a champ if you so desire. I have seen people get 4.7 GHz out of the 6300 on a 990FX board. On a 95W board, you should expect over 4.0 GHz pretty easily, maybe as high as 4.1-4.3 GHz depending on how good the silicon on your chip is.
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