Liniux machine won't boot anything but linux

Hi, my friend has a thinkpad that came with windows 8 pre-installed. Naturally he asks his father to remove it and install linux. Now, a few months later in college he's asking me to install windows 7 so we can game.

However when I put in a windows 7 disk or flash drive, and change the BIOS boot order, it gives me the error KVM : Disabled by bios.

In a lazy attempt to circumvent this, I tried to wipe out the harddrive with a DBAN usb, but the comp skips it and boots straight into linux.

Can anyone explain and hopefully help his computers strange unwillingness to change?
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  1. It's had some penguin and now it can't go back! :lol:
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    KVM stands for Keyboard/Video/Mouse ... maybe it is telling you somehow that any of these three interfaces has been disabled by the BIOS? I would check the BIOS for such errors, maybe do a RESET TO DEFAULTS if you can't find anything and continue to have this errors. Good luck.
  3. Google the error message. You will get a ton of information. But I don't think this explains your inability to boot from a DVD. Is it a genuine Microsoft DVD?
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