Hooking up Sub Woofer to Receiver to PC

So my current audio setup...

I have 2 bookshelf speakers wired to a receiver then I have those wired to my PC via. 2RCA to 3.5mm male which connects into my soundcard.

How would I do the same thing for my Sub Woofer I can't figure it out currently, I just have the sub woofer directly hooked up to my soundcard via 2RCA to 3.5mm stereo.

Is there a way I can hookup my Sub Woofer to my Receiver then to my sound card? Or how would I get this to work? I posted some pictures of what the back of the reciever looks like and the back of the sub looks like (powered btw).

The sub I have is a Polk Audio PSW10 (Powered)
My receiver is an older Onkyo
I can't remember the name of my sound card.

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    receiver sub out to subwoofer line in?
  2. As above. You can use either the left or right input. Makes no difference.
  3. americanaudiophile said:
    As above. You can use either the left or right input. Makes no difference.

    Can you be a little more specific/elaborate...

    What I tried was using a dual RCA hooked that up to the sub (L and R) then I used a Y adapter and hooked that up to my sub pre-out connection on the receiver but I had no sound, is this even the correct way?

    If I'm playing music from my computer how would the subwoofer receive the signal from it, doesn't it have to be plugged into the sound card in someway.

    I'm a noob with audio so I need better directions, also oddly I couldn't really find anything in regards to this topic.
  4. You don't need the y adapter if you don't have a sub cable you can hook an rca up just hook the white end into the L input on the sub and the other white end to the sub pre out on the receiver. Then make sure your receiver's speakers are all set to "small" if it has that option. Turn the Freq and volume dials all the way to the right on the sub. Also this sub has an auto off feature if it's not detecting a frequency, sometimes I just flip the switch into the on mode that way the sub picks up everything and doesn't flip off if it thinks no bass is coming through.
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