Will my PC bottleneck this GPU

I was just wondering whether my PC will bottleneck the GPU i'm planning on getting, and if so how much? Specs are as follows.
AMD fx-4100 quad core @ 3.6ghz (Could OC to higher)
8gb RAM
GX 550w 80+ bronze PSU
I was looking at upgrading my GPU from a 7770 to a sapphire 7950 vapor-x.
Thanks in advance - Sam.
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    Yes and No.
    Bottlenecking varies by the game and you can even be CPU bottlenecked at times and GPU bottlenecked at other times in the SAME game.

    A few games may be bottlenecked up to 30% but it also comes down to VALUE and I think you've made the right choice in putting your money towards the graphics card only, not another $200 for an FX-8350 or whatever.

    1) Use FRAPS and tweak the game quality settings to achieve a consistent 60FPS VSYNC rather than simply cranking up quality.

    2) Ensure your Power Supply is adequate.
    *Make sure you have enough 6-pin/8-pin connectors to the graphics card.

    3) I don't recommend overclocking since your Power Supply is borderline for total power output.
  2. Thanks for your help photon, just a quick question (I'm relatively new to building PC's) How do i know how many 6-pin/8-pin connectors i have/need? Thanks again.
  3. I checked and it seems my PSU has 2x 6+2Pin PCI-e connector, Would that be adequate to power a 7950?
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