Does Mirroring Multiple Monitors Put More Strain on a GPU?

I have a XFX 7950 (1 fan version, live and learn :( ) and I just got my PS3 controllers working with DS3 Tool, and plan to get a Xbox wireless receiver. That's besides the point, but because of that, I want to get a nice long HDMI cable and mini display port to HDMI adpater and run it from my PC to my TV, and mirror them. Now, does mirroring put more strain (heat or reduced framerate) on the GPU, because I don't want to have to call in the warranty just two months after my build, but I want to be have it set up so that I can have 1 person play on the PC, and the others on the TV, or all on the TV. Now, for the former, I would need mirroring, and that's why I'm asking. Thanks in advance!
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  1. It technically does, but you wont loose any frames.
  2. How much strain exactly? It won't lose frames, but will there be a noticeable increase in temperature of my GPU, as in greater than 3 degrees celsius increase?
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    It is less than a degree.
  4. Ok thanks man!
  5. Mirroring shouldn't put much strain on the gpu cause it only does the work once to process the video or games and then sends it out to both monitors, but extending displays definitely will especially if like two games are running at once.
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