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I am having trouble determining the actual temperature of my cpu. My cooling consists of a hyper 212+ in a push-pull configuration with arctic silver 5 thermal paste. The cpu is set at stock clocks and voltages and all 8 cores are under 100% stress using the program Boinc. I have attached a screenshot witch shows the temperatures as recorded by two different programs. (Hardware Monitor and Speedfan respectively) While Hardware Monitor shows temperatures in the 40C range, Speedfan is showing me temperatures in either the 40 or 70C range. This temperature reading raises concern as I do not want to damage the processor due to excessively high temperatures as I keep it running for long periods of time. My question is which temperature reading should I be concerned with and what is the safe temperature limit for this specific processor. Any insight to this problem would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to look into this.
(note:cpumaxtemp was disabled in bios due to the cpu throttling itself under full load)

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  1. The highest stable tempature is 71 degrees supposedly, but amd doesn't use actual thermometers to get readings since the phenoms, they're usuall 5-15 degrees out. But your temps aren't unusual, if you want low temps you could get a better cooler but you don't need to
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