CPU Clock Speeds Seem too High.

So I recently, a few hours ago more accurately, installed a Hyper 212 EVO on my 965 BE and began to OC. I didnt want to use the bios and AMD overdive seems to be doing the job. I know the bios is better but it seems to be giving me the same performance, also, I cant seem to change my bios setting anyway. So I have my CPU set to 3.8GHz in overdrive stock voltages ect. I wanted to check to see if it was working as my cpu meter gadget says its still the same.
After CPU-Z this is the result which is confusing me. http://valid.canardpc.com/pqsrl3
(Not good at posting pictures, link will do)
Am I really running at 4.1GHz here? that seems way higher than what it should be. I have ran Prime95 so I know it is stable.
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  1. I wouldnt trust using the amd software to overclock. If it works it works but I wouldnt go by that. I did it once and was set at 4.5 but said it was actually running at 3.3. It just isnt very reliable. Set 3.8 in the bios and use that. At least you will know it is correct.
  2. The thing is whenever I go to check the bios to change it I 1 cant seem to find the correct place as settings are missing, and 2 any time I change a setting it reverts instantly.
    The USEF bios on my motherboard isnt helping much either. Its leading me to believe I cant OC on it.
    EDIT: Core temp also says im at 4117.63 MHz so even if AMD isnt reliable, do I still have those speeds somehow?
  3. What are your temps and how long did you run prime?
  4. The readings you're getting are correct, it is running at 4.1ghz but it's also running at a very high voltage 1.536 too high for a phenom, you're not supposed to go past 1.4. Nothing will get damaged but you don't want to keep it like that. Bring the voltage back down to a safe spot
  5. I have read elsewhere that 1.5 is alright and you dont want to pass 1.55 but i have seen other voltages too. If it wont cause damage whats the worry?
  6. Gam3r01 said:
    I have read elsewhere that 1.5 is alright and you dont want to pass 1.55 but i have seen other voltages too. If it wont cause damage whats the worry?

    I think it is more a personal preference more than anything. I have always ran "high" voltages and have never had a problem. You shouldn't see an issue as long as you have a quality motherboard as long as the temps are fine.
  7. k1114 said:
    What are your temps and how long did you run prime?

    I ran for 2.5hours and hit 60 c at max
  8. Well you are fine but you could do better in bios. Look into the bios settings not saving. It is probably just the battery or jumper.
  9. That voltage is alrite as long as your temps stay nominal. Main issue being for anybody running stock cooling at those voltages would be it would cause overheating. Hyper 212 should do the trick though, You might be able to get it to 4.2 at that voltage if you push for it.
  10. Its not that its not saving, its just not accepting the values I put. There is nowhere to change the clock multiplier or voltage in my BIOS as I'm using Asus USEF. If there is I can't find it, some say you can't OC in the bios on my board. I really dont want to push it higher than 4 but since I hit 4.11 already would I suffer any performance loss keeping it at this compared to BIOS? My temps are good, I reached my goal, and if it works the same at THIS speed, I should be fine keeping it correct?
  11. 4.1 and 4.2 won't perform any different, 4.2 just sounds better :p according to forums there's ppl overclocking with that board and it has UEFI bios which generally has the feature but if you're happy with the current overclock, stick with it. It's a good oc for the 965. Id say turn off the power saving fetaures but they don't seem to be causing issue either.
  12. Yeah its the LE R2.0 model.
  13. Probably because you didn't go to advanced mode. In ez mode, top right it says exit/advanced mode. Then you see all the settings. You can also use the asus software in windows. Still not as good as uefi but better than overdrive.
  14. No i did go through advanced settings. It wasnt in any of the pages. If I use asus program I should be able to get the same OC, but better than amd?
  15. No ratio and voltage in ai tweaker?
  16. There was no voltage option but under the multiplier it went to auto no matter what.
  17. You just type the number and hit enter. Did you set ai oc tuner to manual?
  18. Yeah it was all manual, ill try again when i get home but it kept resetting.
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