Is the Core i5 4670k worth buying over the 4670?

I'm building a new gaming pc and I need to know if the i5 4670k is worth it in comparsion to the 4670. I know the K is unlocked and can be overclocked, but I don't think I'll be doing that.
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  1. well, if you are sure, then dont get the K.
    but, for me, before i never OC'ed (well we all did at the beginning), then i tried it.
    now whenever i buy a new processor, it will only take a few days before i oc it (just to feel the stock performance).
    if i did not oc my 2500k, i would be forced to buy a new one. but since i am at 4ghz, 2 generations have come and i still kept this one. ill bump it up to 4.5ghz if i feel i need to
  2. Matters on the price difference but it does not seem other than the unlock multiplier there really is no difference. Some non k edition parts they sometimes lose features the k cpu does but doesnt seem to be an issue here, so if u want to not overclock and saving how ever much the cost difference is then go for the non k 4670
  3. What is the savings by buying the locked chip?
    Keep in mind that re sale on the K chips will be much better.
  4. It's about 30NZD which isn't that much, but I'm on a tight-ish budget
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    Really it's up to you. If you ever think you might overclock, get the k. If not get the non-k. Plain and simple. ;)

    Stock for stock, there is no difference. Overclocking it won't make much of a difference in gaming either. IMO overclocking isn't worth it unless you just like to tweak, tune and tinker with benchmarks. :P
  6. well, for me, i like overclocking, not extreme but somewhere useful yet manageable. save me 1 cycle of upgrade for the cpu and mobo, this sandy handles temps much better than ivy or haswell
  7. Thank you for all your advice, I think I'll go with the 4670k. Thanks, this has been a big help =)
  8. welcome, goodluck. the next thread you'll be creating is how to OC :)

    i would suggest you read some guides, watch youtube, get a better cooler
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