Where can the front I/O wires of the following case be plugged into on the following motherboard.

I have everything plugged in besides the front panels LEDs cause I would assume those don't NEED to be plugged in for the computer to boot but if they do let me know. What I am having a problem with is that with this case: I cannot seem to find where to plug in the power button wire on this motherboard:

I hope someone can help me this is very frustrating ><
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    Judging from the picture, the front panel connections are either the pins on the bottom left hand corner. They however could be HD Audio. So the second possible area they could be at are the pins right below your southbridge heatsink which are the ones between your Sata 2 ports and your USB 2.0 ports at the very bottom of the motherboard, slightly to the right.
    These are all asumptions i made from looking at the pictures. I strongly recommend you rely back to your user manual and installation manual
  2. It's all in the mobo manual.
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