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I have a Netgear WDNR 3700 v3 Firmware Version V1.0.0.30_1.0.27. I have set up site blocking through the router's keyword/domain section. However, I noticed some erratic blocking as a result. On my single wired connection to my old Dell Inspirion running Vista, the router blocks the keywords or domains nicely as requested. However, the router still allows wireless devices to connect to sites with the restricted keywords or domain names, not all of them, but a great deal of them. My Opera browser on my Samsung Galaxy IIIs still connects to restricted sites, ditto the Internet Explorer on my Xbox. The only commonality seems to be that devices attached to the wireless connection do not restrict sites as requested. I cannot see why it is doing this.

In full disclosure, I only know so much about networking or computers. I am one of those people who looks up issues as needed and reads articles on technical matters when I have time. I know more about some things than others. Please be gentle on me if you try to explain brain surgery to my 4th-grade intellect on this topic. I appreciate your time and patience.
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    Another thing in common with the devices that do work with some blocked sites is that they are non-PC based browsers. Try to hook up the XBOX with a cable, not wireless, see if that helps. Try a second computer/laptop if you can also, that will tell you if it's a wireless issue or just a non-Windows system issue.

    If the XBOX does the same thing (ignores the rule), contact Netgear support and check with them, maybe look in the FAQ on their web site for your model about non-PC browsers.
  2. Thank you for answering and I apologize for my slow reply. I'm always so busy anymore. O.O I wondered if that might be an issue, a non-PC browser. I think it might be a "shades of gray" thing. I noticed the Xbox browser does respond to some of the blocks the Netgear issues. However, the Opera browser running in an Android environment might just be too alien for the Netgear to block sites on that browser. What a remarkable technological world we live in! Thank you again for your time. I will do some more checks and if it does as you say, I will contact Netgear. Have a lovely weekend! :)
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