HD7870 vs GTX660 vs GTX660ti vs GTX760

I'm looking into a GPU for a gaming pc I'm building and alot of comparisons seem either to close
or biase. Also price wise for me it goes 660,7870,660ti,760
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  1. You got it - the 760 is the best followed by the 660Ti, the 7870 and the 660 brings up the rear - if it's in your budget look at the Asus 760, great card and cooling, OCs well
  2. The Cards I'm looking at have a $100 difference between the 660ti/760 and the 7870 and a $30 difference between this and the 660 and I'm on a budget
  3. 760 the best in at $260

    the 660TI is about the same, then a drop in performance to the 7870

    the 660 is the lowest price and by far the least powerful, if budget doesn't fit the above two, if possible I'd wait a week or two and try to get one of the above, be a lothappier than with a 660
  4. Ok, thanks for the advice. But just saying I live in New Zealand and here the price is about 356USD for the 760 (and 660ti) 230USD for the 660 and 273USD and for the 7870. So the price difference is quite large. As a side note I also plan on going crossfire/SLI in the future and SLI motherboards seem to be quite a fair bit more expensive.
  5. With the mobos costing more also, may want to go for the best single card you can
  6. This is the motherboard I'm going for, it's an ASRockB85M Pro 4, it supports haswell processors as well as Dual Crossfire set-ups. This is the main reason I'm leaning towards the 7870
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    That might throw another option in the fire, not sure what they are like price wise there, but the 7950 can run about the same as a 7870 here
  8. It's about the same price as the 660 here
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