Raid 0+1 SSD combined with HDD

I was planning on setting up a system with Raid 0+1 but I was just wondering if you could have a combination of SSDs and HHDs? I was also planning on a 1tb drive (so only 500gb of useable space) with 2 250gb SSDs and 2 250gb HDDs. I was planning on the 2 SSDs in Raid 0 (same with the HDDs) then applying Raid 1 to the two new drives. BTW this is my first time setting up a raid system.
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    While you could do this keep in mind that it would use the smallest size and slowest drive as the lowest common denomitor. ie - you'd have a really fast raid0 set to mirror a pair of harddrives. The whole thing would slow to harddrive speeds. You be much better off runing the raid0's seperately and doing a nightly backup or image to the hdd's.
  2. Okay thanks! But what would you recommend for a strip size?
  3. hdd's - 32k
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