SSD recognized by system then disappears?

Hello all, I've been lurking these forums for years and the time has come where I finally couldn't solve my problem by reading through the sticky's and other threads containing a similar problem. Anyway I'll do my best to explain what exactly the problem is with my SSD and my system. I'll start telling everything I can about the problem.
Whenever I start my PC, I have to make sure my SSD is recognized & that it's the first selected option. Otherwise my comp tries to boot from my only other hard drive, which is a 1TB HDD and fails to boot, requiring me to hard-shutdown, turn my PC back on & then select to boot from my SSD.

So basically, my problem is this: When I restart my PC (for whatever purpose, updates etc) my SSD does not show up under BIOS, therefore my PC is unable to boot. But when I shutdown ( as opposed to restart ) the SSD will show up just fine under BIOS, & Windows will boot just fine. HOEVER: When my PC boots, after a little time [say 20-30 min] my SSD (which at this point can be seen under both device manager & disk management) somehow disappears, poof, gone. I don't know why or how this is happening, and it's become pretty annoying. I've updated my BIOS and my drivers for all my devices to their current availability. If I can remember anything else I will provide any and all information I can possible. If ANYONE has had a problem like this please tell me what you did to fix it!
I pretty much bought my SSD card a year ago and have been using about 3GB for "System Reserved", basically a waste of my money if I don't get it's full potential. Let me know of any information I can provide to make this easier on anyone who's interested in helping me. Any and all help is honestly greatly appreciated!!

EDIT: Pics if they help.

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    Normally SSDs disappearing or not showing up during boot is Firmware related. You didn't mention the most important thing, what SSD is it, and what Motherboard do you have. The SSD basically isn't ready in time to be picked up and as a result wont be detected in time. I had similar fun with my Vertex 4 drive that was released with v1.2 firmware that behaved like v0.4.

    I would start by updating my SSDs firmware and if that didnt help my motherboard's BIOS.

    EDIT: I see you updated your BIOS, did you update the SSD firmware? What SSD is it, what is your motherboard?
    If that doesnt help, try the SSD in another computer if you can. If it doesnt work there send it back for RMA.
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