are there any driver update by amd for amd hd 7600g + hd 7450m after catalyst version 8.982.9.0

i have an lenovo s405 with amd trinity a8 4555m and hd 7600g+ hd7450m graphic processor but there are no driver updates that i can find on internet for it .
i can play games like battle field 3 on low graphics at <20 fps but microshuttering is really troubling me ,i tried installing 13.10 beta drivers and 13.9 but they failed.
please can anybody suggest what can i do.
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  1. do u install he driver from amd site?have u try running the game on single gpu and set the game to use the dedicated card?
  2. yep, i have downloaded the drivers from amd site . my dedicated gpu (7450m) is not very dtrong and gives about 16-18 fps and when there is any fight the game comes like slideshow so i have to use multigpu for this
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    basically thats the latest update from amd.the 7450m is not really design for heavy games like way is to get a laptop with a decent gpu in order to play any game decently.
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