What kind of games i can max out?

My rig -
Amd fx 8120
8gb ram
radeon 7850
psu-cooler master thunder 500w

So will i be able to max out most of the games that are coming? coz i am looking forward to arkham orgins ,ac4,gta5 (if it comes),bf4,codghosts,watchdogs and more

I am not really a high graphics man but just wanna know ,i mostly play my games at medium ,i just wanna KNOW if i can play the games for 2 years with this rig or not.

i play at 1600x900
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  1. they will run, but don't expect to run them on full.
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    I have a very similar setup to you, and run at 1920x1080. Most current games run with all the settings at maximum. Crysis 3 is the only game I can think of that I had to drop settings back on.

    It's likely that as the next generation of consoles are released that graphics requirements will increase. i'm expecting over the next couple of years I'm going to have to dial back from very high to high settings with my 7850. High is perfectly fine in all games.
  3. u can easily play almost all games on high(no aa) for next 2 years at that resolution.
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