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Hey guys I'm currently running a 620W power supply that has been nothing but reliable for me and I was wondering about picking up a new graphics card. Here are my following thoughts
Gigabyte 7950 @ $309
Gigabyte 760 @ $319
Gigabyte 7970 @ $379

These are being purchased in Australia hence the price hike. But given these options and the power supply I am running what would you go?

*I am also considering waiting for the new radeon cards, but I may just pick up an old radeon for cheap as the new ones seemed to be mostly re-branded tahitis.
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  1. rebranded does not mean same performance,
    if you are not in a hurry i would wait and see the actual performance of the new AMD GPUs.
  2. I wouldn't say i'm in a hurry but I can just see the 7xxx series dry up fairly quickly at that price in Australia and wondering if its worth taking the risk, you know? will the 7970 run on the 620W PSU?
  3. Even though the psu has been reliable, please post the make and model if you want a considered opinion.

    Also, what gpu are you presently running, what motherboard/cpu and do you overclock?

  4. I do not overclock, I am currently running a backup 5770 at present but was running a Tahiti LE card that needed to get RMA'd because it died on me. 3570k cpu, gigabyte MVP mATX motherboard and an Antec Neo Eco 620c PSU.
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    Your psu will handle any of those cards without problem. The 7970 is going to be the fastest in all categories, and if you can afford it - buy it.

    If it's a tossup between the 760 and the 7950, I'd go for the 760.

    I have always been a proponent of buying the best SINGLE card solution you can afford.

  6. I think you should wait for the R9 series to come to the market. Even the rebadged 7970 which they are calling the R9 280X should be about 10-15% faster the 7970 GHz edition. Also they pack new technologies like the new sound controllers so just wait for the reviews and then go ahead and take a decision. It's always worth it..
  7. Thanks mark, appreciate the feedback guys. I was thinking I can stretch out the 60 dollars if it's worthwhile. I can't honestly see the price dropping much lower than that as Australia gets kind of screwed on pricing here, the conversion rates just don't add up. The new cards I'm seeing while I'm sure they're good cards when released is it honestly worth an extra 30-50 dollars Australian for effectively the same card with a few tweaks.
  8. 7970 is a nice card - should give you great performance. Good luck and good gaming!

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