Computer shuts down and sometimes doesn't work. Please help.

Hi, I've been browsing the internet all over trying to find a solution to my problem, I have no idea what happened to my computer.

So, about two weeks ago, out of nowhere, while playing CS:GO, my computer froze. I thought nothing of it and I checked the temperatures on my PC and everything was fine. 30 minutes later, my computer shut off completely with no blue screen. I was starting to get worried, restart, 10 minutes after, screen went blank "No signal found", but the computer stayed on. Restarted, literally while loading windows it shut off and restarted. It got worse and worse and it got to the point where I couldn't even get anything out of the computers, I.E. fans spinning, lights are on, mobo light on, but nothing on screen. So, I thought my video card was dying. I'll make this shorter.

I got a new mobo and psu and neither of those things solved the problem.

I about gave up and someone came to check my computer and we finally managed to get into safe mode (It would crash in safe mode too) and we set a system restore back to right before the problem started. (DIRECT X installation) and it actually fixed the problem (for two days). The problem came back and I reinstalled windows thinking it must be a driver issue, and sure enough after a day of getting everything back up, comp started crashing again. I don't know what it is anymore, I tried troublshooting today bymself and the case let out a smell of something burnt and I got up close and it smelled really burnt, but the temps are fine?

Video card is fine, hard drive is fine (reinstalled windows), ram is fine (memtested all of the sticks a few times each), cpu is fine (tested in different computer), temperatures are okay.

So... what is the problem? I can't figure it out. I don't get any blue screens
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  1. Could be a lot of things, might look to a fresh install of the OS, make sure you have the latest BIOS, then ensure all the latest mobo drivers are updated, along with drivers for any add ons, then other component drivers (GPU, add on cards etc) then run Win Update and see how it goes
  2. I did those things you mentioned and I still have the problem, I'm thinking it must be hardware related, since it restarts before the bios screen shows up or sometimes won't even display anything.
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    Try with a single stick in slot 1, if no joy try the other stick
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