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so I just got a new case and a 50w lower power supply then my old witch was 450w either one of the power supplies cause the computer to turn on then off after it turns on for a split second it shuts off and the power button does not respond when you push it I have to wait and then it will turn on and off by itself I have a 550w power supply coming in the mail soon all the stuff is hooked up right but I don't know what's wrong
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  1. what is your configuration?
  2. sorry for my lack of computer knowledge I am only 15 what would that mean
  3. CPU mother board graphics card a quick way to tell is to press the windows key and the pause/break key simultaneously to view basic information or go to run and type system information
  4. I am not sure exactly because I am in school and can not look but my motherboard is asus and a intel processer but I need to figure out why it is doing this because it is a school project
  5. the system will not turn on when it does it is only a second
  6. does it need to be hooked up to a monitor to turn on and does it need a bigger power supply maybe
  7. how can we recommend a bigger power supply, when we don't know what components are in your system?

    anyway bigger power supply isnt going to help you boot, perhaps a working power supply will...
  8. 1. the heat sink on the CPU might be out of place double check it
    2.if it is a Intel i3 the power supply should be able to handle it theres no secondary gpu
    3. did you make any changes to the pc?
  9. Without having a clue about the specs we can't really say much.. 400 Watts is a fair amount of wattage but if you have a high-end expensive graphics card then that might be worth calculating. And if you had one I would really hope you know that you do...

    Since the system won't turn on you need to open the system up and find the model number printed on the motherboard. The CPU may not be so obvious to tell but the motherboard will give us an idea.

    As for the GFX card - can you identify that component? Or do you have on-board? Should be one of the only cards installed in a typical system..

    A monitor is not required to turn on but it can help to see the exact point of failure.

    The system won't turn on? And when it does, it shuts off after a second? Check front panel connections (The connections that connect your case).. This might be a task for someone with the hands-on experience because there is so little information that will just keep up guessing the whole way.
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    Turning off right away could be because of a short, or because the CPU cooler is loose and it is immediately overheating and shutting off. It could also be a low-quality PSU-shaped object.
    Does your case have raised bumps at all the motherboard mount points, or did you use brass standoffs? You must have one or the other (but not both) to avoid shorting the board.
    What graphics card do you have, and what is the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU? I would have done it too at age 15, but you may have tried to use a really cheap PSU that isn't good for what is on its label (consumer fraud, about which the government that is supposed to protect your rights does nothing; welcome to the Real World, with my sincere apologies).
  11. ok so i got it to turn on it did need a bigger power supply as soon as i put the 520w in it powerd up but now i face a new problem the thing powers on but there is no beeps no video nothing i got the type of motherboard though it is a ASUS P4G8X deluxe and the sound card is a sound blaster not sure of the cpu though
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