graphic card/driver problem? can't login windows!

Hi, I don't know if this is CPU/graphic/graphic card problem, sorry if it's wrong section. I'm a newbie when it comes to my computer :( I will try to tell every detailed of it. so please help me if you can.

My display adapter is ATI Radeon HD 4800 series.

I was playing this game, I've played it for probably a year + or so and suddenly the graphic/screen lagged, had some pixels dots, and it black screened. So I waited and it came back up and I saw a message at the bottom. "display driver has stopped working and has recovered" and my windows rebooted."

It rebooted and with CPU too hot press F1 to continue so I continued.... Here was what I stupidly did. I was able to log in windows, started and got in the game and got in game, but it crashed maybe not even 2 min right into the game. and I think I got this message first.

so it reboots by itself. reboot CPU too hot > F1 to continue, and when it's at login the graphic is distorted, got some lines (4?) through the screen. like this

Typed in log in, but it reboots right after. NOOOOO. So I took out and cleaned dust from graphic card fan things. ( I don't know... my friend told me how to do it and stuff but now that it's clean and no more CPU too hot F1 when auto rebooted)

Things I can do:
-Start safe mode with internet.

things I did:
-updated the display driver thing. to latest version. (it was in safe mode with net)
-run windows from the something successful configuration
-maybe few more I forgot.

I haven't done:
-check power supply?? at the back of computer. (I need to ask... my friend..)

also i have an image of the blue screen. is it safe to provide it? or does it have important information.

about updating my driver >> my friend told me to uninstall the driver and reinstall latest version. but when I try to find it(in safe mode) I couldn't find it to uninstall. He sent me a link to download the latest version. I downloaded it. it wouldn't let me install cause.. card not detected or what I end up trying(updating driver) was went in control panel> device manager> display adapters and updated it.

So my problem is probably can't log in to windows right now. because of the. graphic maybe? I don't know

lastly, I want to ask a question that I don't want to ask..(because if you answered yes, then I feel pointless in writing all these) you think my graphic card is dead..? cause of how I abused it and ignoring the warnings.

and if the answer is yes. then will buying a new one simply solve everything?

I probably need to add some more detail later.

sigh. thank you :(


these are my specs
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and

and the bsod
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    If sounds like your friend also has a custom computer, I would try your 4800 series in his computer. If it works without error, then it is something else inside your computer.

    The power supply and blue screen information would be useful, but I would not be the person to interpret the blue screen.

    I would also download a couple of programs. Coretemp and MSI Afterburner.

    Coretemp is a lightweight program that monitors the temperatures of your CPU. There is also a Windows gadget for it, which is good to have.

    MSI Afterburner also reads temperatures of the graphics card. You can manually set the fan speed or set it automatically so it goes up with the temperature. There is no temperature monitoring gadget, but a good temperature monitoring gadget for the GPU is called GPU Observer.

    Also, what are the rest of your specs?
  2. Let us know the BSoD that you have, the code there can give us a lot of information.
  3. thank you for the replies

    I just got core temp yesterday, from the friend who's gave me help. I'll look for MSI Afterburner &/GPU Observer thing

    these are my specs, I hope this was what was asked for
    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and

    and this is the screen of death
  4. That's a video card problem. Most likely you are going to want to either reinstall the video drivers with the newest ones (which would be legacy for the 4800 series) or you can uninstall the current video drivers, do a driver sweep, and then reinstall the new ones.

    You might also want to update directx.
  5. HI new updates :S

    I uninstalled the driver in safe mode. and was able to log in windows normally. but it was like safemode graphic. my friend gave me a link for the driver. he said he guessed it..

    So I reinstalled the driver the one he gave me. and tried to login normally but it gave me lines still at the log in page. (like the 2nd image)

    any thoughts about my card?
  6. Its rather old, and might be on its way out, but I still have a 4850 up and running.

    Does it freeze anymore?
  7. yea it still crashes and give blue screen. I agree it's probably pretty old by now.

    thanks for all the helps ><
  8. Yea I would recommend trying the card in another computer.
  9. Does you motherboard have another PCI-E line? If that's correct, install the GPU in that line and try again. Those pictures are the same that I get when the VRMs of a GPU start to fail.
  10. hello penguinn101 (everyone),

    As others have mentioned, I suggest you try the card in a different computer first, then if it worked, try it in a different slot (if your motherboard has one) in your computer.

    About the driver, try the AMD un-install utility:
    (It should clean up your system of any existing drivers, ready it for newer ones).
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