Better HDD or Low Space SSD ?

Hello guys, at the moment i have shitty 2TB WD Green HDD 5400RPM and it's really overall too slow for me, especially when i game and work with various softwares like 3ds max / adobe after effects and recording very much data for example uncompressed .avi and some long time gameplays ( BF3/BF4 ), so my budget is 120$ i wonder what i should buy?

Faster HDD ( about 1TB ) or 120GB SSD ( like Kingston/ADATA ) ?

P.S. Currently i don't have and never had any SSD, also i will not get more money.
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    Go for the SSD 120GB. Keep your slow 2TB drive for data. If you have large files you can copy them over to the SSD to work on them then copy back to your data drive.

    It's a sacrifice I made and 120 GB is fair, depending on your needs.

    You can reduce your page file and disable hibernation to free up space. The amount of space these files take depends on the amount of RAM you have. 16GB for example will take nearly 30 GB of space just for the hibernation and page file. There are tons of modifications to make to your SSD.

    Here is the most thorough guide I've found that describes everything you need to know for getting the most out of your SSD and optimizing your Windows 7 environment.

    I follow that guide for every SSD install I do (Which is every system because SSDs are much faster and that's what people want). You can move your documents/music/videos and any other file to your data drive. This guide shows you how.

    SSDs are better in every way - I cringe when people think they are comfortable using a HDD. Even if you don't opt for an SSD now - later on down the road you will be trying to upgrade the system and the SSD will likely be everyone's first recommendation.
  2. Or the best of both worlds:

    You get 6GB of SSD and 1TB of 7200rpm HDD. It works by loading parts of the most frequently used programs into the SSD portion and the rest stays on the HDD. I am running 2 of the earlier drives now that only had 4GB SSD and they are fast. From the tests, these drive give almost full SSD performance, but with the large storage of a 7200rpm HDD. No drivers, no software, just plug and play like a standard SSD or HDD. (Using this type of drive cut my Windows 7 load times by ~70%)
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