How to remove "unknown USB device" message?

"Is there any way to just disable this pop up service? My computer is running fine, all USB ports work. I have tried to detect this unknown device for almost a week and I have read a tonne of forums and help places and have had no luck. I'm just left completely clueless. Even if I disable the unknown device, it STILL pops up.

Thanks in advance! "

I have the same issue, but I think it is a software problem, like malicious. First the balloons, then ram overloads and finally I am unable to download (save from a browser) any files. Or opening type files to associated programs. This is definitively a virus, I don't have any antivirus running, neither firewalls. Never formatted my laptop, and this is something new. Software within the OS image.
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  1. Try and do this:
    -Control Panel
    -(Type in) Device Manager
    -Find the "Unknown USB Device" and play around with the settings (Update driver, find a driver suitable for it, etc.)
  2. I have this also, just started yesterday. All USB devices are same as they always have been and all of them work. The only thing I plugged in that was new was a web cam yesterday. It worked right away without adding any drivers.

    In case that might have been the issue I unplugged it yesterday but the problem continues even today even though the camera has not been plugged back in again since yesterday.

    There is obviously no way to find a driver for an unknown device. The error message must be an error itself because there are no new devices and all existing devices are working fine.

    No one so far in forums I have seen has had a successful method to stop this annoying bug.
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