Best Gaming Computer Case?

Hey guys!
I really need help on this. I am building a new gaming computer (Here it is so far-
But I need a nice case to go along with it. Here is what I am looking for...

-Features over looks, I would rather have a lot of noob friendly and cool features over good looks.

-Mid Tower if possible, I want to put this on a desk of mine, it is pretty small so the smaller the better without giving up air flow etc.

-I don't need too many fans in it, but I would like to have at least 2 140mm in there.

-As much airflow as possible, I would rather have performance over noise reduction

-There is no price cap, but I would like to keep it as cheap as possible, please no solid gold diamond encrusted cases :P


A window in the side, That would be cool but I don't need it.

Cool looking, even though I said features over looks, I don't want this to be just a cardboard box or something, I want it to look as cool as possible without giving up features or performance.

=Cases I am looking at=
-Fractal Design Arc Midi R2-
-COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Advanced-
-Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel-

Thanks for all you help, I am going to be checking this constantly in case you have any questions and I will choose a best solution later on today...
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    This is a really expensive computer, but I see you are buying a bed as well. I dont really like to recommend cases, as I usually just leave that up to the user.

    I first built my computer about 2 years ago. Since then, I have mounted the parts in about 4 or 5 different cases just because I didnt really like them that much. Pick a few that are aesthetically pleasing to you and post them here. Then we will be able to choose which one would be nice for you.

    Keep in mind you are going to need one that can fit the radiator for the H100i.

    Also, if this is mainly a gaming computer, I would recommend going with the i5, but seeing as this build is getting close to $4000, I'm guessing it doesnt really matter.
  2. filphil said:

    Very nice, I am looking into that case right now...
  3. Yeah, I am buying a new bed/mattress and a new desk, so the computer itself is really only around $3500, but I can go higher, I wanted the i7 to further future proof my computer, and I am using my computer for art design and video production as well, but it is mainly gaming focused. I am looking into the case the other member suggested, I will look into even more a little later and post them here..
  4. At this moment the Arc Midi R2 is probably the best bang for your buck at newegg right now. The case is being sold at a whopping 64.99. Fantastic price for what appears to be a well thought out, no frills case.
  5. My favorite Mid-Tower case is NZXT Phantom 410 :P

    It's design very cool, and it got a nice airflow.
  6. Here are the best 2 cheap mid tower Cases:

    Cooler Master Elite 430 - Mid Tower Computer Case with All-Black Interior and Windowed Side Panel

    Thermaltake V3 Black Edition VL80001W2Z No PS Mid Tower Gaming Case (Black)
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