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i stole the drive out of an old dvr i had, and had hopes of using it as an external drive. I seem to have run into a problem. The only way i can get the drive to work is by powering it up connected to the dvr, then unplugging the sata serial data from the dvr and plugging it into my sata to usb adapter. When i try skipping that step it only shows up in device manager as a generic usb storage device. It acts like its not getting the signal to turn on. I have used the drive several times as described but it seems to me there is a way around using the dvr for startup
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  1. Weird. What model is the HDD? The sata to USB has 2 connectors to the HDD?
  2. If in doubt, boot of a live linux cd and use that to nuke the drive, ready forwindows.
  3. model # wd3200avjs. The sata to usb has only one connection. The power is provided by an external power source that came with adapter
  4. Can you feel the drive spin up when the external power is connected to the HDD?
  5. only when i have the sata data cable plugged into dvr will the drive begin to spin. its at that point i can unlpug from dvr and plug into usb adapter and all works well until i unplug drive. if i want to use drive again i need to plug it back into dvr before it will power up.
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  7. that sounds like my problem. ill hopefully get a chance later today to try the fix (a bit more involved than hoped). thanks for the help
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