Sharp Aquos LED Won't Turn On

Back in July while I was on a cruise, there apparently was an extreme thunderstorm near me, and I returned to my TV not turning on.

I know, I should have unplugged it while I was gone.. but I didn't. Was not in a surge protector either. My Uverse box was fried as well, but that was easy to replace.

So, I bought a Vizio LED to replace it.. but I would still like to know how I can fix my Sharp that's sitting there doing nothing..

What do you think could be wrong with it? And how hard would it be to fix?

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  1. 77 views and not a single response?!

    BUMP! Still need this resolved, tanks.

    To elaborate a bit more on the OP - Since the TV was plugged right into the wall outlet during the storm - lightning obviously save a surge to the outlet and shorted it out.

    Now, what would that cause to fail on the TV? Do I need to replace the power unit, do I need a whole new board, or are there just a few capacitors/resistors that burst? Regardless which it would be, I would just like to know so that I can fix the TV and either have two TV's set up, or give it to my sister to replace her lousy 27" 720p from nearly 5 years ago :P

    Thank you!!
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