Old HDD causing low FPS???

Hello, this is my post here in the TH community. Hello everybody!

I have a problem with my secondary PC that I use at home when I'm not at the college.
I wanted to use it to play Dota2 with my friends but it seems that I cant get over 20-30 fps, depending on the resolution. I tought it was a GPU problem so I swaped a HD 4650 with a HD 3870 512MB but the low FPS was still there.
CPU Pentium dual core @ 3.3OC
RAM 4gb DDR2
HDD old Hitachi 160gb, average read 50mb/s

Why do I think its the HDD, well every time I start a program (any) some wierd "computer" noises come from the case and the red light HDD indicator is constantly flashing or glowing red.
Could it be that I need to change the HDD or could it be the RAM?

I checked the reccomended requirements for Dota2 and I think im good to go ( GPU,CPU,RAM)
Sorry for the bad grammar.

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  1. The HDD may very well be failing, but that is not the cause of your poor frame rate. The weak gfx card coupled with an old slow dual core processor is your main issue. What resolution is your monitor?

    Also your PC may be full of registry errors and resource wasting junk. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry portions both. You may have to run it more than once if your system is in bad shape. Also check to see how much stuff is running in the background. How many items are in your TRAY?
  2. When's the last time you ran error checking and defrag on the hdd?
  3. I made a fresh windows reinstall on the disk, after that I did a error-check + repair. The results said there were no bad sectors.
    My monitor is on 1680x1050
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    OK. Your system should be fairly clean of junk then. I still think it is a combination of weak processor, weak, low VRAM gfx card, and a minimum amount of system RAM. Try playing at a lower resolution and see if the frame rate improves. If so, then the above is the issue.
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