Unstable OC. testing sign - flicker screen on off?

Hi there, I'm running Intel burn test at maximum and during the 2nd pass the screen has turned off and on a couple times. The test is still running, temps are mid 60"s celsius .

Should I back off the bclk or up the vtt or is the on off screen behavior normal for "maximum" Intel burn test?

Bclk = 190
Vtt = 1.240
CPU multiplier =15 ( I'm isolating bclk first and testing in 10 MHz increments)

CM Hyper 212 evo
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  1. I'm thinking (not positive, don't know all your settings here) that either lowering your base clock or reducing your PCI and/or memory speed a tad more (which is affected when raising the base clock) should eliminate/reduce the screen flickering. Not sure but that's where I would start. Are you running a dedicated graphics card, if so which one (or more) and what is your PSU make and model (could be a factor here).
  2. Graphics card: Sapphire 7850 oc (default clocks)

    Memory speed: 1448 (181 x 21), therefore underclocked from default of 1600
    PCI express is set at 100% I believe, in the Gigabyte bios.
    PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650w

    I played BF3 for awhile without issues, but yes those stress tests like IBT - Maximum, OCCT - Large data set, Prime 95-small fft were making the monitor turn off and then come back on either a few seconds later or perhaps 30 seconds later. It would happen more than once, for example near the end of each test loop in IBT testing. That kind of tells me the PSU might be strained?
    Perhaps not enough amps on the 12v rails, I don't know.
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    Unless the PSU is faulty (it's possible), you shouldn't be even coming close to stressing it, the PSU shouldn't be an issue (could be bad though so...). I'd say bring the PCIe lane down to 75%, possibly a little lower. Try again.
    Sorry it took so long to reply
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