My friend needs a laptop with a big screen for around 500 dollars.

Hi. I'm looking for some recommendations on laptops. My friend wants it to have a 17inch monitor. He just needs it for browsing the net and stuff. He might play some games on it but that's not very important. Thanks :)
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    Here's two options. A Toshiba and a Dell.

    I would probably chose the Dell. The CPU is more powerful and the integrated graphics is more powerful. That means the laptop can last longer before he/she feels that it is "slow". Also, should your friend decide to play simple games the Dell has the powerful graphics core. But it is still considered weak compared to a dedicated graphics chip.

    The downsize is that the Dell only has 4GB vs 6GB for Toshiba. It's not a big deal. More of a big deal is the hard drive capacity. The Dell only has 500GB, but the Toshiba has 750GB. But not too much of a big deal. The hard drive can replaced later if the storage capacity is running low, or just connect an external hard drive. The CPU in the laptops will likely not be upgradeable, therefore, the Dell is the better choice in my opinion.
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