fx-8350 temps, prime 95 question

take a look at my readings, what does tmpin2 mean? im scared and only 6/8 cores are being utilized while prime is running :/ <a href="http://postimg.org/image/pp8ppcdux/"
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  1. Well usually HW monitor lists the temps as a name. Mine has 2 readings the higher one being the CPU and the lower being the main board. I would assume this is your processor temp. I wouldn't worry too much. Not many games now stress the all 6 cores at 100% 100% of the time. Still a bit on the warm side though.
  2. Are you using the stock cooler? If you are, get another one. You can get a really good (and CHEAP) Cooler Master cooler from newegg for under $20:
    It has over 8,000 reviews and it stands at 5 eggs (perfect score). I have one and I paid an extra $3 for a second 80mm fan that I put on the other side (the kit comes with a bracket for that purpose). Now my FX-8350 idles at a cool 27C. With the stock cooler, it was idling at just over 40C. I used it before on my Phenom II X4 965 and it was amazing then so I thought I'd try it on my FX. It's astounding what you can do with less than $20. I have it set up so that the second fan (which is at 100% all the time) is on the bottom pushing air up into the grate and the first fan (which is adjustable) is on top pulling air out. It's not even loud under load. Definitely the best air cooler I've ever seen for the price. I use Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 as thermal paste. Got a nice thin layer over the entire CPU and have the cooler's contact point covering the entire surface. You really can't do better that this thing. The best part is of course, AMD sockets don't need backplates because of that lovely frame. Just put it in the same way you would install the stock fan. :D
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