USB keyboard and mouse work in BIOS and safe mode screen but not when windows 7 launches

OK GUYS: here is the link to my setup:

Initially the computer worked perfectly for about three months, the only hardware change was that I added a usb wireless combo (m185&K270) in addition to the USB keyboard and mouse already plugged into the back. This worked fine for at least a month.

The computer was set to auto update so I am unsure what exactly was installed but AFAIK everything was up to date.

What I found after re-installing windows the first few times, is that everything worked fine (with the USB) BEFORE I installed the nvidia drivers for the graphics card. I tried muliple versions of the drivers and all of them stopped the USB working. When I booted into safe mode, I could use USB keyboard and mouse to navigate to uninstall the drivers and relaunch windows.

Heres what I've tried:

Ps2 keyboard - works fine - not a long term solution.
Another USB keyboard and mouse - didnt work.
Reinstall windows after deleting AND formatting the SSD it was installed on.
Delete and reinstall every possible driver.

At this stage I am completely at a loss, I have no idea what to do other than assume my motherboard is dead.

Any suggestions??
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  1. I had this same problem about a month ago. You need to install the USB 3.0 Drivers for your motherboard as this also updates your USB controller. If you type devmgmt.msc it will bring up your devices so you can check out if there are any other devices you need drivers for. Download the USB drivers from Gigabyte and install them: as the ones on the disk my be old.
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