Black Screen White Cursor - Nothing Works?!

Hey everyone so I am having some issues with a custom built computer I made about 2 years ago.

It is currently running:
AMD 955x Quad Core
8 GB Ram
1gb radeon hd 6670
1.5 tb hard drive

Anyways, My issue here is that I am getting the black screen with a white movable cursor and can't get out of this no matter how much I try. The issue began 2 days ago.
I started up my computer just fine and then decided to swap out my usb wireless card for my older wireless card that I had no issues with.

Turned off the computer unplugged everything and then put in my wireless card, I turned on the computer and it froze on the windows starting screen. I then started it in safe mode and tried to mess around and see if I could fix it no go so I restarted thinking it would work. WRONG.
Now when I turn it on it goes to the black screen after the windows loading screen and won't even go in safe mode same thing happens.

I have tried using my windows instal disk to do repairs and it doesn't work, I have tried restoring to previous point and I get an error saying "System Restore failed to extract filed from (C:/)" so that doesn't work. I have tried to unplug everything that is not necessary and still no luck.

Currently I have unplugged wireless card, graphics card and disk drive.

All that is plugged in is the RAM, Processor, Power Supply, and the Hard drive and it still won't work.

ANY suggestions will help thanks!!!

EDIT: After Doing the recovery I only have the option to load Windows 7 Home Premium (Recovery) and not Ubuntu which I didn't get a chance to try to see if that worked . It appears like I am still stuck no matter what I do.
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  1. Have you tried going in through SAFE MODE - there's some versions of the FBI malware thing that are badly written that do this, if you can get to Win in SAFE mode, run MalwareBytes and it should take care of it
  2. Yes I have tried through Safe Mode, I still get the same thing. I distinctly remember seeing my AVG software say that I had no viruses minutes before this started though.

    Is it possible to check to see if there is stuff there through Command Prompt on the installation disk?

    I have also performed a dskchk and fixboot and fixmbr commands with no luck
  3. You may have a bad disk drive. Hirens boot disk has some disk check utilities you can run on it, and the drive vendor may have a bootable disk check CD you can get or at least get a utility to run on another boot disk. Try a Linux Live CD as well, it will just run off the CD but you'll be able to access the drive to check it.
  4. I thought it might be the disk as well. Right now I took the HDD out and have it connected to another desktop as a slave so I can run an anti-virus scan on it.
    I am currently scanning within Malwarebytes Anti Malware and it is almost complete .... Will update soon but currently there is no viruses on it.

    Since I have it connected to the other desktop as a slave drive I still have full access to every file on it and everything seems to be fine from looking at it so I am not sure why it will not boot on its own. Is there a way to refresh or replace the boot drivers or something to allow it to work right?
  5. I don't mean to run an anti-virus scan, run a disk check utility on it to check for any physical issues with the drive.

    If you have your files backed up, you can just do a full clean Windows 7 setup, delete the partition, do a format, setup Windows. Make sure you are connecting the drive to the same SATA port you disconnected it from, you may want to try a different cable as well.
  6. I was talking of Malware, most virus scanners won't pick up a lot of the Malware out there, Malware bytes has a free version, might also try CTRL-ALT-DEL and see if it brings up task manager, if so, select NewTask and type EXPLORER and hit enter
  7. Well malware bytes is what I used and it didn't pick anything up on the drive, I also ran the disk check from the desktop with the problem HDD as the slave drive with no results.

    I find it odd that there is nothing that can be detected and I can access all my files when it is a slave drive.

    I tried plugging it in as a solo drive and I still get the black screen and white cursor and I cannot hit CTRL-ALT-DEL.
    Is there a way to copy the boot properties from the other desktop to the problem HDD to maybe replace any problems?
    Also is there a way to make a backup of my whole HDD while it is a slave drive so I can reinstall windows 7 then just restore the backup after a reformat?
  8. You can clone the drive but then you are dumping the whole old partition over whatever new installation you did, so that ends up being the exact same thing as the old disk. Backup your files, desktop, favorites, my document, any PST files if you use Outlook, and wipe the drive. Or buy a new drive and install Windows on that, use your current one as a backup drive.
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