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I asked before if my Nvdia GeForce GT630 was good and someone said it wasn't. The only available graphics card for the same price is the PowerColor Radeon HD 4850. Now I'm wondering if I should buy the ATI one or should I just retain the GT630?
If someone could answer the question, that'll be soo great. Thank you in advance.
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  1. the 4850 is by far the better card of the two
  2. HillBillyAsian said:
    the 4850 is by far the better card of the two

    Thanks for the answer man. But I've heard that the 4850 doesn't support DX11, would that hinder my gaming? The GT630 on the other hand does, but DX11 games on it are incredibly slow. There are no other available cards that are close enough and doesn't need shipping fees. Should I buy the 4850?
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    look for a radeon 6670-7750-7770 and see if one is in your price range, as i don't know where you are located i can't tell you what will be cheaper. As for the DX, most games have DX9 and D11 depending, and the 4850 runs great with dx9
  4. Thanks for the help man. I'm located in the Philippines and here, the high-end-but-cheap cards are mostly ordered outside the country or are terribly overpriced for the reason that it's, well, Philippines. The shipping fees would be a pain to shoulder. Again, thanks for the help. :)
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